How To: Land the Ultimate Internship

February 08th, 2018 Jennifer DiFolco

Last year, the 14 West Talent team introduced a new and improved Summer Internship Program for The Agora Companies. 22 resourceful, driven young people from 16 different universities arrived on our Mount Vernon campus and were put to work across 8 of the companies we support – a number of which have been named as some of Baltimore’s Top Workplaces. We could go on and on about why the program has been a huge success for us. We could tell you how hard we worked on building unique, meaningful, but most of all challenging roles for each intern. But here’s the thing – if it’s going to work, then ultimately it can’t be about us. It’s gotta be about them.

“So, what did they think?”

Glad you asked…

Exit interviews showed that 100% of our interns were satisfied with their experience, and would recommend our program to a friend.

“Where are they now?”

Well, a lot of them are still here. In fact…

Nearly 50% of our interns were hired on full or part-time at summer’s end.

And right now we’re gearing up for an even more successful Summer Class of 2018.

This is an opportunity to join an organization that represents a marketplace for ideas. You’ll be in the business of developing and exploring fresh perspectives ….and breakthroughs. You’ll be given a place to explore your passions, gain invaluable insight, and work along some of the sharpest, most wildly successful people we know. But remember, this is an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of an organization that is currently changing the landscape of the media industry at large. This is big. The work is hard. The rewards can be huge – but only if you’ve got what it takes.

“What do I need to do to get myself in the door?”

Great question.

How To: Land the Ultimate Internship

  1. Figure out where you belong. Visit us to read up on the various internship opportunities open now. Keep in mind that there are additional roles on the horizon, and check in regularly. If you see something you like but aren’t quite sure the role is right for you, send your resume to with the subject line, “Candidate: The Agora Summer Class of 2018.” When the right person comes along, it’s not unusual for us to work with them to create a new role.
  2. Bring your “A” game. Pleeeeease make sure your application is sharp. There is nothing worse than seeing an incredible resume come through immediately followed by a half-hearted clearly-rushed completion of the application process. Remember, you’re competing among other bright individuals for a highly sought-after opportunity. You’ve got to be prepared to give it all you’ve got and stand out from the crowd. We are interested in smart people, interested people – but that’s not enough. We have to know you’re determined to prove yourself. Which brings us to the next point…
  3. Be ready to work hard. We’re going to be totally upfront about this. Whether you’re asked to collaborate, compete, research, revise, test, write or develop – you’ll be working side by side with the creators of the alternative press.  You won’t be asked to file, you’ll be asked for your opinion. You will be challenged.  You will love the work you do to the point of madness. But it won’t be easy. Every day will be a new challenge. And if you commit to it, you’ll emerge stronger and more confident.
  4. Be fun. Yes, that’s real advice. While there is hard work to be done, you’ve got to be able to relax and roll with the punches. In environments that encourage you to push the envelope, to question everything, to test new ideas every day, and to fail once in a while… you can’t afford to be down and out. Not to mention, we thrive on creativity and wit. So when you interview, let your guard down a bit and let your character shine through. And once you’re in, take advantage of perks like the parties, their wellness program, unconventional workplaces and casual cultures. As an intern, you’ll get access to it all. So, meet people, make friends, and have FUN.

In exchange, we’ll go the extra mile to make sure this is not your typical internship experience. The Agora is unique in a lot of ways, and our internships are no exception. We want your experience to be a well-rounded one. We want you to learn new skills, strengthen your existing ones, and grow your network.

When you get to your office, you’ll look around, see that you’re surrounded by other super smart, determined, and inventive folks – and our hope is that you’ll feel right at home.

If you’re interested in the program, contact the 14 West Talent team and visit our job board to explore all of our open internships. If you don’t see the one for you just yet then keep checking back and follow us on Facebook. Some opportunities are so fresh that they don’t have ads up yet. And others are filled just as quickly as they come in, so move fast.


Jennifer DiFolco

Talent Acquisition Manager at 14 West

“Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work.” – Stephen King

I’ve been at 14 West for two years as the Talent Acquisition Manager. I love being able to contribute to the growth of 14 West. The most exciting part is the challenge that it presents. Sometimes you advertise for a job but get a low response rate. I like to use that opportunity to get creative. You have to dig a bit deep, and the challenge can be exciting. Working at 14 West has allowed me to work with a really amazing team. We work hard but have a lot of fun, and we are continuously collaborating and pushing each other to be more innovative and creative in our recruiting efforts. The office is often chaotic, but entertaining. Working at 14 West means being willing to do something that needs to get done even if it’s outside of your job description. No task should be below you or too small for you to do. You can’t be afraid to get your hands dirty!

What is your favorite company event of the year? I love the White Elephant Gift Exchange that we do every year. It is always so much fun, and people can get really silly with it. Almost every year there is a framed picture of our CFO circulating that everyone really wants. It’s funny seeing people walk out disappointed at the end when they don’t get it.