The Agora Companies Prepare For Further International Growth

July 23rd, 2018 Jennifer DiFolco

In the last 10 years, The Agora has expanded into 15 different countries outside of the US. The international businesses now employ more than 800 people in major cities including London, Mumbai, Melbourne, Paris, Waterford, and others.

International CEO, Erika Nolan, tells us that within the next 24 months The Agora footprint will expand. Some of the new markets she is eyeing include Japan, Poland, Mexico, and Italy…to name a few.

For Erika and her team that means a lot of travel, days packed with meetings and video calls, and little sleep.

For you, on the other hand, this growth only sweetens the proverbial career pot.

International hiring managers are several months into their searches for the critical new roles below and have yet to find the right candidates. These positions require a certain caliber of talent and skill. More importantly, they demand an individual who learns quickly and can adapt to complex environments. These roles require the type of person who can fold fluidly into a team of highly competitive people and begin contributing immediately.

If you (or a smart, hard-working, and open-minded friend) believe you could contribute to any of the teams below, we encourage you to reach out to the contact provided.



Operational Manager, Inversor Global

Interested applicants should contact Federico Tessore with questions


Copywriter, Port Phillip Publishing

Interested applicants should contact Jelena Stojiljkovic with questions.  


Click here to view all open positions at Empiricus

Applicants interested in learning about opportunities at Empiricus should contact Thiago Balieiro with questions



Security Compliance Analyst, 14 West

Interested applicants should contact the 14 West Talent team with questions



WRB Media

Applicants interested in learning about opportunities at WRB Media should contact Catherine Flannery with questions 

Agora Financial Germany

Copy Chief, Agora Financial Germany

Internal Marketer, Agora Financial Germany

Marketing Operations Specialist, Agora Financial Germany

Publisher, Agora Financial Germany

Interested applicants should contact Cathy Tucker with questions



Full Stack Developer (LAMP), Threefold Systems

Full Stack Developer (MEAN), Threefold Systems

Software Architect, Threefold Systems

WordPress Developer, Threefold Systems

Interested applicants should contact Emma Reynolds with questions



Copywriter, Stansberry Churchouse

Interested applicants should contact the 14 West Talent team with questions



14 West, Baltimore

Strategic Growth Manager, 14 West

Interested applicants should contact the 14 West Talent team with questions

Agora Financial Brazil, Delray Beach

Marketing Operations Specialist, Agora Financial Brazil

Publisher, Agora Financial Brazil

Interested applicants should contact Cathy Tucker with questions


If you think you might like to learn more about international opportunities but don’t see a position for you, use this link to send a note introducing yourself, and in just a few paragraphs, what you would like to do and how you might help.

Please note that visa restrictions may apply for all positions.




Jennifer DiFolco

Talent Acquisition Manager at 14 West

“Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work.” – Stephen King

I’ve been at 14 West for two years as the Talent Acquisition Manager. I love being able to contribute to the growth of 14 West. The most exciting part is the challenge that it presents. Sometimes you advertise for a job but get a low response rate. I like to use that opportunity to get creative. You have to dig a bit deep, and the challenge can be exciting. Working at 14 West has allowed me to work with a really amazing team. We work hard but have a lot of fun, and we are continuously collaborating and pushing each other to be more innovative and creative in our recruiting efforts. The office is often chaotic, but entertaining. Working at 14 West means being willing to do something that needs to get done even if it’s outside of your job description. No task should be below you or too small for you to do. You can’t be afraid to get your hands dirty!

What is your favorite company event of the year? I love the White Elephant Gift Exchange that we do every year. It is always so much fun, and people can get really silly with it. Almost every year there is a framed picture of our CFO circulating that everyone really wants. It’s funny seeing people walk out disappointed at the end when they don’t get it.