Farewell, Old Friend | Final Goodbyes to Publishing Services

October 05th, 2018 Daryl Berver

Pictured: Despite the rebranding, 14 West Tech Solutions will still reside at 1001 Cathedral Street in the state of the art office space. 



COO Daryl Berver’s Final Goodbyes to Publishing Services


I have to admit that even days later, I am a bit emotional about October 1, 2018.  It is bittersweet for me as we said our final goodbyes to “Publishing Services.” I started Publishing Services so long ago that I cannot really remember the date or even the month, exactly. This is what I do remember…

  • I worked on the 4th floor of 14 West Mount Vernon Place, all the way in the back by the bathroom.
  • My office then was a happy Disney blue.
  • I shared a floor with HR, MI, and Communications… I think. I’ve shared a floor with almost everyone in “support” at some point or another. But I’m pretty sure that’s right.

Support has taken many different shapes and has had many different names over the years.  We were first called “Ops.” The Ops team was responsible for “ARGI.” You could say ARGI was “the Advantage of 1993-2001.”

We also had the Web team, who (duh) handled anything web-related including ecomm, websites, and email. The Web team started out with a system called, “AWAS” which did three things:

  1. Content Management
  2. E-commerce
  3. Email

Oh! And at first it all ran on an access database and was written in Cold Fusion. AWAS was homegrown to the core. The design was horrible, there was no documentation, and the kicker… it was completely static because IP’s were hard coded in the code and wouldn’t work if we moved it (colocation facility in Delaware). Good times.

Slowly we migrated off of this system; content management first, then email, and finally e-commerce. Ops became the “Advantage” team.  The Web team (and at one point was called the “Web Crue” (like Motley) became “Digicomm,” for Digital Communications.

“Marketing Intelligence” was introduced shortly thereafter, but was called the “Infobase” team. Fulfillment was “Fulfillment,” and Renewals was “Renewals.” IT at one point was “The IT Overlords,”… this wasn’t too popular.

And then one day, we decided to merge and form Publishing Services. This was our first logo:



I liked it. Everyone else hated it.

In 2013 we got a new logo:


Everyone else liked it. I hated it – especially that damn green.

But back then, it was like 14 West Tech Solutions is today – all technical support groups. In 2015, IT and MI split out and became part of 14 West (which had recently spun out as a new brand).

It seemed every few years something changed. Nothing ever seemed so major – we evolved alongside The Agora network.

And here we are in 2018, saying “farewell” to Publishing Services. As sentimental as I am, I am excited. More importantly, I know this is the right thing for The Agora Companies – not just now, and not just for the next few years. This is it. And that’s an awesome feeling…

…and I am really glad to get rid of the Publishing Services logo.


Daryl Berver

Chief Operations Officer

For nearly 30 years I’ve helped to grow businesses through strategic thinking. A lot of what I do relies on data. Dealing with hard numbers and facts all day long might seem dull to some, but it’s all about how you apply them. I haven’t had one moment of boredom in those “nearly 30 years,” and I credit that to the fact that I prefer to push the envelope. But I’m lucky in that I’ve been given the freedom and trust to do that. And today, my career has given me the opportunity to help launch and grow more than 40 companies around the globe… and I’ve got the Starbucks mugs to prove it!

Favorite Privilege or Perk? In 2015, I finally reached a “One Million Miler” flyer status! Hard-earned with a lot of long flights in coach.